change agentry

For this week, I mostly would like to focus on the Hughes-Hassel and Harada (2007) piece about how the Library Media Specialist can be a change agentry, and help with change in their schools. I liked how they stated that change agents do “not necessarily lead” the change process. Instead they may act as caregivers, facilitators, etc. This appealed to me because the word “leader” can be like a big intimidating beast, meant only for people like the President, or Captain Kirk. Especially if we are talking about leading a reform. By using this idea of change agentry, I feel it relaxes me, but also motivates me to be a leader in my own way, which is powerful.

There was also this idea of the “single most important factor that affects ability to change is resiliency” and the idea of resiliency being defined by 5 characteristics: 1. positiveness 2. Focus 3. Flexibility  4. Organization 5. Productivity. Change agents have higher resiliency than most. Hm. It just feels natural that as librarians we would be up for the job. These ideas of helping people, having a personal vision, being flexible (etc) it all screams, Hello, School Librarians!

That’s why, I wasn’t too shocked when I was looking at the job description for a school librarian from Knowledge Quest. Or the other lists of what a school library media specialist does and can do (especially with learning strategies). At first as I was reading through the list I kind of a got a little overwhelmed. But really, all the descriptions align with one another. Which made me excited to be going into a field where the majority of the people want to do their job not just well but outstandingly, and they want to get there by helping and working with one another.

I see myself as playing a role of an agent of change (Do I get a codename?) in my school. I think now it is just learning more of how to be an effective change agent.


Hughes-Hassell, S., & Harada, V.H. (2007). Change Agentry: An Essential Role for Library Media Specialists. In School reform and the school library media specialist. S. Hughes-Hassell & V.H. Harada, ed. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited.

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One thought on “change agentry

  1. kristinfont says:

    Sentences like, “By using this idea of change agentry, I feel it relaxes me, but also motivates me to be a leader in my own way, which is powerful,” remind me of how very lucky I am to have this job. Wow!

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