Zombies, Superheroes, Fairies, Oh my!

All this talk about inquiry, student-centered learning reminded me of an article I read on Mind/Shift this past fall. In Utah, a teacher, Cinnamon Holsclaw, asked to teach 7th grade science on short notice with no resources turned a challenge into an innovative idea.

“All it took on my part was a willingness to let go of 100 percent of the control and a willingness to try and find a science tie to the things kids were interested in,” Holsclaw said.

More of the article here: http://blogs.kqed.org/mindshift/2013/11/dive-into-science-with-zombies-superheroes-and-fairies/ (Dive Into Science With Zombies, Superheroes, and Fairies)

When I first read this in November, I thought, Ah! If I take a position in the sciences, how might I eventually work up to doing something like this. Now, I’m also thinking, how might we as librarians help inspire, support, and collaborate such move of a teacher?


One thought on “Zombies, Superheroes, Fairies, Oh my!

  1. skcram says:

    Thanks for sharing! It was great to read about such a successful and engaging approach to inquiry. You raised a great point about what librarians could do to “inspire, support, and collaborate” with such an approach. There are some obvious examples like providing resources on various topics or co-teaching lessons on things like how to research, but I think it might also be cool to consider things like assisting with content creation so students can make use their newfound knowledge to create a website or video or something beyond the traditional report.

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