Library Layout

Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 11.55.59 PM

I had a significantly difficult time with this task. I’m not big into interior design, or shopping for furniture. I like practicality, and the best way I know what is practical is by observing patterns (i.e. Where does my husband always throw down his wallet, keys, and phone?). I figure out where things are situated best by using the space. Then I adjust until it feels just right. That is partly why I wanted to be able to create a space that was both moveable, and practical. The green dots are for indoor plants like fig, and rubber trees. The blue circles are moveable tables for collaborating, or individual study. The pink rectangles between the new materials shelving are couches/arm chairs for lounging. Each of the classroom space, on enclosed with glass, and the other open, both have desks and chairs that are easy to move. That way, if it is not being used by a class, students can use the space. The spaces could also be used for faculty meetings and professional development activities. I also wanted to make a row of desktop computers available, which is that bank of computers near the Tech specialist. I included a fairly large circulation desk. I’m a person that loves to have lots of space when I’m working. By giving my self such a large desk, I can work on things outside of my office (when I get the chance!).

I’m not in love with the design, but it’s a start. Feel free to check out some furniture I’ve picked out on my pinterest board. That was another thing I noticed, how quickly personal taste takes over. It seems things on my board resemble what could be found in an episode of Mad Men. Huh.


One thought on “Library Layout

  1. skcram says:

    I thought it was really interesting that you noted how you’d like to see how students use the space, then adjust it to fit though needs. When I started my redesign, I started from the opposite perspective, i.e. how do I want them to use the space and how can my design support it. My guess is that all library design is a balance between those two perspectives, and your post really got me thinking about how to find that balance.

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