Valentine’s Day!

At our lovely class session last Friday, we were able to all share our roles of the school librarian and our plans for a new and improved school library. I feel so lucky to be in a class and graduate program with such smart, and creative individuals! The diversity was incredible and inspiring. I know who I’ll be calling up if/when I have to redesign a library. I think with the redesign project I would have liked to been able to talk to others about what I was thinking, and what they thought. I know when I’ll be in a school I’ll most likely be the only librarian for that school (or even two schools). The planning assignment reinforced the importance of building networks with others in my profession. That way, when I get to have such a task, I can have a sounding board of my peers.

After we shared, we were given a brief introduction to Edmodo, which we will be using for the next two weeks. I’m looking forward to experiencing the online classroom environment, especially since I’ve never taken a course online before. It will help give a new perspective as both a teacher and a student.

I’ll miss seeing your lovely faces for 3 weeks, but I’ll catch you all online (and some of you at the KidLib Conference!).

photo from: Darian Library


One thought on “Valentine’s Day!

  1. leafinglight says:

    I agree that it’s nice to be able to talk with and learn from intelligent people. Your comments underscore the advice Kristin and my mentor teacher have both offered: create a network of people you respect. As school librarians often work alone within a school (or, sometimes, a district), it is important to be intentional about maintaining relationships.

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