Edmodo: Part I

I’ve definitely been trying to get my sea legs with this whole online class deal. It’s funny, I use Facebook, I blog, and I use other random online accounts that require reading and writing, but for some reason snapping in line with Edmodo is going a little slowly.  I like that I can come back, and re-read as many times. Or read something, and think about it, and then come back to respond. It gives the time to think and react that I so love. However, I miss the face to face interactions. The smiles, the thinking looks, the chiming in and rapidly building off of one another. I think Edmodo, you stay very on point, with minimum tangents on Benedict Cumberbatch. I understand that this might be a positive, but in some ways I think it’s also taking away from bonding with one another. I think school is not only about practical skills, but also about soft skills, and forming a community. I think being able to take a small tangent helps us further bond and form friendships inside a classroom. I’m curious how this might be achieved on online settings.

Some really great conversations going on about flex/fixed scheduling and the Woolls, Weeks and Coatney chapters. I’m enjoying all the hypothetical questions, and what would you do? They’re fun mental exercises. It also seems that there really isn’t one way we are leaning as a class towards fixed vs. flexed. Which I think is interesting, and I am curious about if this might change over time as we head into our professions.


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