Edmodo Wrap Up

It seems the general consensus from the last class discussion on advocacy, that we neither dislike nor reject advocacy completely. We all seem to have the sense of understanding the necessity of advocacy, yet I think we’re all hesitant. Our hesitancy seems to come from a variety of places. From how do I do it when I need to be doing other things to how do I do it without sounding pretentious? I think our hesitations are understandable. I also see that we recognize we’re uneasy with the idea, but are willing to discover ways we can advocate in our own way. The discussion reminded me of how thankful I am to work with you all each week. The sensitivity, and attention to detail, along with understanding the larger picture you all bring is not only comforting, but also refreshing. So while we may still feel a bit wobbly on how to advocate and what that looks like, I think we’ll all get there.

My thoughts on Edmodo. I think online learning, and online learning environments are fascinating, but I also find that for myself, they are difficult to become fully engaged in. I think Edmodo has it’s time and place to work effectively. Edmodo allows you to think deeper on topics, and respond. But I found for me personally, that sometimes I had trouble of actually writing my thoughts. Writing seems so much more concrete and everlasting, then just verbally having a conversation with classmates. So when exploring new ideas, and thoughts, I find it sometimes more difficult to have a conversation in writing, than in a face-to-face real time interaction. Overall, however, I’m interested in learning more about online learning and how other students view its effectiveness and use.


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