638 Smorgasbord

I think Templeton the Rat would have loved our class yesterday with all of the juicy topics to sink into, and eat up! Yesterday was a real hoopla of I of a large amount of topics we have discussed so far this semester. I’m happy we took this time, especially near the middle of the term to come together, collect, reflect, and tie up some loose ends.  It was nice to see your all your wonderful faces again!

So what do I remember that  was on the menu?

The Entrees:

  • Edmodo with a side of Online Learning
  • Advocacy served with a piece of humble pie
  • PR with sparklers and sprinkles, fireworks optional
  • Mission Statements served cold on a white clean plate

The Desserts:

  • Branding, the best every time
  • Collaboration, created together, the outcome can be questionable
  • Facilities, eye candy with a dallop of awesome

What seemed to stick to my ribs the most was the idea of advocacy that Kristin presented.  Advocacy is when someone is speaking on behalf of someone else. When we advocate it is done by 1) Advocating for students/teachers and 2) Community members advocating for you.  I think from the readings we got more of the feeling of advocating for oneself. Which we definitely were not on board with, nor does such advocacy really work. We also touched on “We” people vs “I” people in this discussion. Part of me thinks, there needs to be a balance. You need to take ownership for what you do, how you do it, and why you do it, but also give credit where credit is due.  So, I’m becoming more comfortable than I previously was after this class with the idea of advocacy.

The second thing I want to explore some more is mission statements. Especially, I would like to delve into this idea that Kristin brought up of librarians saying, “We’re a classroom too!” but “We need our own mission statement”… Yeah, that definitely is confusing signals we’re sending.  The more I think on it, the more I find I want to align with the school community. I don’t want to be an extra entity, but rather apart of the school community.  I’d much rather have the school’s mission statement, be mine as well, and from there I can create specific connections of how I can help attain this overall mission.

I was also thinking about, what if the school doesn’t have a mission, or has one, but for lack of a better word, sucks? What do you do?

Maybe this is a foot in the door of being involved in bigger things outside of the library. Maybe bringing the idea to the attention of colleagues you could start to help nurture and support change and growth in the community.

Thanks for indulging in my food-references. I’m really hungry.

P.S. Just wanted to say again, it was great to be with you ladies! You all are wonderful!


3 thoughts on “638 Smorgasbord

  1. kristinfont says:

    Those potentially-contradictory statements had never occurred to me until they clashed into our Templeton-the-Rat class. 24 hours later, they’re still jangling in my head. I’m calling in some of my favorite thinkers to help me process that. It makes sense to integrate with the community, as you point out. As for the “sucks” mission statement, maybe it’s not that we need a separate library mission statement. Maybe it’s more along the lines of thinking, “What goes above the door frame as the message that greets visitors?” ?????

    Still Stumped, Too

  2. nicolesa602 says:

    “We also touched on “We” people vs “I” people in this discussion. Part of me thinks, there needs to be a balance. You need to take ownership for what you do, how you do it, and why you do it, but also give credit where credit is due.”

    I like this a lot. “Me, me, me” is insufferable, but not being able to own what you do when it’s appropriate can be nearly just as annoying. Trying to find a balance that works for you seems to be a good suggestion.

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