Elevator Speech

I chose to base my elevator speech on “Learning that Lasts” by Jennifer Stanbro. Stanbro discusses how our tools, and physical space are taking different shapes, our mission is still the same, to help students. Here’s that speech I have ready for that awkward ride up an elevator with that one teacher who is never really sure what my job is … (I think I’ll keep taking the stairs). As they comment, “My the library sure has changed since my school days!”

Yeah, it has changed, hasn’t it!? Although, our mission as teacher librarians has really remained the same. It’s still about how we help students learn, explore, and share, no matter what medium we’re talking about or how the physical space is set up. We’re here to support students and teachers, to provide new experiences for them that will help shape new knowledge, and maybe even awaken new passions. You and I really have the same mission, except you’re in a standard classroom, and I’m in the library. But we’re both here to work with wonderful colleagues each day, students and teachers alike, to help make a difference.


2 thoughts on “Elevator Speech

  1. nicolesa602 says:

    I loved this. It answers what can feel like a borderline hostile question (“what do librarians do now?” said with an expression of mild confusion) in a positive and friendly way. It can be easy to freeze or get defensive, so having an answer like this in the back of your mind can help when trapped in small spaces with a non-library-convert.

  2. skcram says:

    Very nice! You have a great conversational tone, and I really like how you quickly turn the teacher’s comment into an opportunity to bond over a common mission. If the teacher made that comment because he or she is feeling overwhelmed or alienated by the “new” library, then I think your comments do a really nice job of making them feel more comfortable about and connected to this library.

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