Transmedia Storytelling

In class last week we were able to talk to Laura Fleming about transmedia literacy and how she uses it at school. Wow! This is something I am totally starting to get more and more fascinated with. I loved the one project she did with 2nd graders with Glenda the Goose from Elliott’s Park by Patrick Carmen. Using the show “Dog with a Blog” as inspiration and a way to connect a transmedia practice by having her students create a blog by Glenda. That kind of swept me off my feet. I’m sold. It reminded me a lot of what I loved to do when I was little. I would write movie scripts based on characters from movies, or I’d make up newsletters, advertisements, etc that helped me extend the universe of stories I loved so much. I didn’t realize that was an actual thing. What I loved most about what Laura was talking about was the idea that kids need to be able to have fun and play with words and stories. Play. Yes. We need lots and lots more play. For everyone, all ages. I’m really appreciative of being able to listen to Laura (thanks Sarah for requesting it!). I’ve refound an old hobby, and new interest to bring to my students.

Apart from transmedia storytelling wonderfulness, we also discussed reports and looked at several examples. There was this question of length: short vs. long, and style: professional vs. casual. I think it comes down to your audience and what your audience is expecting of you. If your principal wants short and sweet, give it to them. Be clear, be direct, and be on point. I think that summarizes my current feelings about it.


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